Transform how you review, approve and manage creative projects

Transform how you review, approve and manage creative projects

We bring your creative workflows together on one platform so you can save time, cut down on meetings and launch deliverables faster

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One platform to solve your creative challenges

Keeping campaign deliverables on track while collecting feedback is a headache and a half. StreamWork lets you say goodbye to the disjointed world of creative reviews.

Make creative reviews seamless

Choose who can weigh in with feedback and when on videos, images, PDFs and more.

Task manage creative feedback

Track campaign deliverables, and instantly turn creative feedback into tasks.

Automate stakeholder approvals

Route creative assets through stakeholders and departments with ease.

Review all your creative in a single, shared space

Bring Figma, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, PDF, PowerPoint and other files under one roof to make it easy to collect feedback – and even easier for stakeholders to weigh in.

Turn visual feedback into actionable feedback

Manage campaigns, deliverables and creative feedback without switching platforms. Then turn feedback into tasks instantly to assign to your teammates.

Streamwork comment

Take the guesswork out of stakeholder approvals

Route creative through multiple stages of internal or external approvals, and know the moment an asset gets final sign-off.

Streamwork Approval status
Unlimited reviewers. Stakeholder sign-in not required.
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Built for cross-team collaboration

Work with your internal team, external vendors and clients. You choose who has access to what and when.


Oversee every aspect of your campaign, from planning deliverables to routing assets for sign-off.

Streamwork Marketers


Manage creative projects across multiple clients on the same platform, and track client reviews across versions.

Streamwork Agencies

Business teams

Streamwork Business teams

Collaborate with your team on nearly any type of creative – sales sizzles, product catalogues, pitch decks and more.


Review the latest version shared with you anytime and anywhere. Then leave your feedback directly on the creative.

What people are saying about StreamWork

"I love the ability to leave comments on creative, and then to create tasks based on those comments. It's also helpful to manage who needs to see what version, and identify their role in reviewing. We work with external agencies and lots of stakeholders internally, so that's super useful."


Think with Google

"I’m particularly excited about how it frames the work simply and clearly for our seniormost executives. Different approval experiences for different levels of seniority just makes sense, but it’s not available in the other services out there."


Global Head of Content,

"This hits a pain point I’m currently facing where I’m the project manager on my company’s side for videos and I need to send different review versions to stakeholders and make sure that they are adhering to deadlines. All of these features together are great."


Product Marketing Manager,

"Streamwork has been a game-changer for our team’s video and creative collaboration needs. Its intuitive interface, version tracking, and time-stamped commenting with reply capabilities have streamlined our process and helped us deliver high-quality videos efficiently. I highly recommend Streamwork to any team looking for an effective content collaboration tool."

Omar Maher

Director of Product Marketing,
Parallel Domain

"We used to face significant complexity in gathering approvals from collaborators across different phases and iterations of a creative project. StreamWork helped simplify the process enormously. We can now build out chains of reviewers to weigh in on creative."


Lazarev Agency

"Before StreamWork, we would email with our clients (back & forth) to review product and proofing. With StreamWork – our clients can now provide their feedback within the program saving countless hours of project management and faster approvals. I love having it in my life."


Branding Executive,
Jack Nadel International

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Replace 5+ tools with one platform

Save time, cut back on meetings and eliminate miscommunication.

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