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Introducing StreamWork — The one-stop productivity platform built for teams who work on creative

After 18 months of stealth development, our team is beyond thrilled to announce StreamWork, a project management, collaboration and approval platform for teams who work on video and creative.

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Jul 20, 2022

Introducing StreamWork — The one-stop productivity platform built for teams who work on creative

We started StreamWork because it’s clear the process involved in developing creative assets is broken. If you’ve ever created a campaign for your brand or company, you know this all too well. Think of all those times you’ve wrestled with feedback from multiple stakeholders, managed a mountain of to-dos or emailed people directly to request approvals. The process is tedious, arduous and costly.

We knew there had to be a better way, and we were hell-bent on figuring out how. Like many of you reading this, we often spend upwards of 50% of our time developing videos and creative assets. When you spend so much time repeating a process, you start to see opportunities for improvement, which is where StreamWork comes in.

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How StreamWork works

With StreamWork, you can start collaborating on campaigns with your team and vendors in one shared space. Think of it as a secure online space where your team can upload every creative asset you’re working on, including videos, PDFs, music files and more.

Next, start creating campaigns to organize your assets, and choose who can access what, regardless of whether they are in your organization or not. If you’re working with multiple agencies or clients, it’s easy to define access.

When you’re ready, collaborate directly on campaigns in our Media Viewer. Anyone invited to the asset can leave feedback directly on it and even draw on it. Let’s say your agency just uploaded the latest cut of a video. You can open it, and your entire internal team can leave feedback directly on timecodes. All feedback is saved across versions so nothing gets lost.

You can even turn comments into tasks; then task manage your entire campaign in the same place. Delegate the task, and assign a status. Have an update on a task you’re assigned to? Just comment directly in the task to let everyone know.

Whenever you need a bird’s eye view of all to-dos in one place, head to the Tasks tab. Keep track of all tasks across all campaigns and assets with ease. Know which task belongs to whom and what version at all times. StreamWork keeps you organized and on track so nothing falls through the cracks.

When your asset is ready for final review, let StreamWork take care of routing your creative through multi-stage stakeholder approvals. Want to route to legal first, then PR, then your VP of Marketing for final sign-off? We’ll automate all of it and keep you updated every step of the way.

What people are saying

StreamWork is a crazy powerful, one-stop platform for everything involved in getting your creative from ideation to launch — and marketing teams and agencies love it.

Get started with StreamWork

We can’t wait to get your team into the product so you can let us know what you think! Join our beta waitlist today to be among the first to experience StreamWork. We’ll start rolling out free 30-day beta spots later this summer. In the meantime, reach out to with any thoughts or questions!

Happy collaborating!

StreamWork team

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StreamWork Team

We’re the team behind StreamWork! StreamWork is a creative project management, collaboration and approval platform for business teams. Reach out to us with any questions or feedback anytime at

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